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Combined with PIM’s full suite of onboard and offboard systems, including GPS, Next Stop Callout, Automatic Passenger Counters, and more, the Hybrid Payment System provides operators with a dynamic and powerful set of tools which are not only ready to meet the needs of today, but will continue to meet the needs and demands of the transit industry well into the future.

HF-1 Farebox

The HF-1 is Payment In Motion’s flagship farebox. Developed and built in Canada, the HF-1 is the perfect platform to take full advantage of PIM’s Hybrid system. Combining the traditional farebox’s ability to accept and securely store coin and paper currency, with the capability to read and validate Contactless Smart Cards, QR and barcodes, as well as NFC enabled smartphones, and paired with PIM’s innovative Hybrid system, the HF-1 can give users full control of their fare collection.

Electronic fare box and screens
3 different views of fare boxes

Featuring a durable, highly robust construction, integrating a 7” high resolution display, and optical 1D/2D scanner, a thermal printer, and sound and voice indicators, the HF-01 can do it all. Coupled with the powerful PIM Dashboard, the HF-1 can give live information about a certain bus’s location, passenger count, and more.

Acting as the central hub of a buses on boards systems, the HF-1 can implement and control a passenger counter, a GPS locater, and Next Stop callout, without the need for separate systems or control screens.

Add Value Machines

A dedicated network of Merchant Add-Value Machines (MAVM) terminals, located at third party locations is an efficient way of providing re-loads facilities for the Customer.  These units will Customers to purchase new smart cards and add value to existing smart cards.

Our MAVMs are built around a familiar POS machine, reducing training time, and creating a more user friendly experience.

The MAVM has several built-in security features designed to prevent unlawful usage of the device, especially in terms of reloading the smart cards.  These features, configurable independently for each unit, are designed to either prevent access to the device or to prevent its operation.

Add value machines
Furtura card tapping device

Futura F3B

The Futura F3B is the newest PIM stand-alone validator: components, materials and construction techniques have been carefully selected, involving the suppliers in the project, to make the Futura 3B the most innovative product on the market, while complying with all international standards. Its exceptional style was created by Giugiaro Design and is definitely the most beautiful ever seen on an onboard equipment. The Futura F3B interacts with the user by means of words, sounds, music, touches and lights, more effectively than any written message, for an exceptional user experience. The robust and bright 7’’ touch screen can display AVI or MP3 videos. The Futura 3B can process all types of smart cards, such as Calypso, DESFire, MIFARE, PayPass or PayWave, and NFC phones, it can also validate a QR-code, even from the screen of a smartphone.

Hand Held Validator

Payment in Motion’s handheld validator is built around the IT-G500, a 32-bit processor unit running Windows CE.  Loaded with PIM’s Fare Collection Software, PIM’s handheld validators are capable of performing the same functionality as our Farebox, in a portable unit. This in turn allows para-transit operators the ability to have their busses free of any obstacles, while allowing for riders to use the same smart cards, allowing seamlessly across both para transit, and regular buses.

The IT-G500 is equipped with an NFC reader/writer and also with barcode functions that support smooth, efficient reading, including scan width control, laser focus, and vibrator alert. Furthermore, a decoder specification upgrade has increased processing speed and improved the scanning performance of hard-to-read barcodes, allowing to read codes out of the screen of a smart home, giving the possibility to implement a mobile ticketing application.

The IT-G500 has a 4.3-inch transmissive TFT LCD screen that supports WVGA. The LCD offers excellent visibility indoors or outdoors and displays even small text with high resolution. The enlarged screen area makes it possible to display more information to increase effectiveness when the IT-G500 is used to place orders or search product information. The resistive touch panel can be operated even while wearing gloves.

The IT-G500 has a high capacity battery that allows the unit to run, without recharging, for up to 12 hrs., and is equipped with both Ethernet, via a cradle, and WiFi to download its data in an easier way.

Hand-held validator device