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Payment in Motion, Inc. (PIM), is a wholly owned Canadian corporation with offices in Ontario and a leading transit technology solutions provider.

PIM is a leader in the development and supply of Automated Fare Collection systems, having designed and installed numerous systems through out Canada.

PIM has been in business since 2017, but its management and staff have been involved in the design, development and implementation of various Fare Collection Systems in Canada since 2006. During this period the contactless smart card market in urban transit has grown and changed significantly and PIM and its staff has proven to be at the forefront of this technology.

During this period PIM or its team members have successfully designed and installed eight independent and self-contained electronic fare collection systems across the country, more than any other company in Canada, including both Card-based and Account-based systems.

This includes the system in the City of Guelph, which is the most advance and complete Account-based system in operation in Canada today.

Recently, PIM updated and upgraded the system in St. John’s Newfoundland, transitioning from a card-based to an account-based system, without any downtime or inconvenience to drivers, management, and more importantly to the passengers.

One of PIM’s strengths beyond the technical aspects of the system can be found in its high level of customer support and satisfaction.  Part of PIM’s business model is to thoroughly scope all business opportunities to ensure that the highest level of service to the client can be maintained at all times.  PIM does not bid on projects unless we are certain of our 100 percent commitment that the project – to be completed on-time, on-budget and meeting all of the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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Our experience in Canada to date reflects this philosophy.  PIM staff has been on-site in all cities for the installation, commissioning, and early revenue service phases.  A close working relationship between PIM and its customers has been critical to the success of the systems to date.  As the successful bidder for Kingston Transit, PIM will ensure that the proper resources are dedicated to completing the project in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Combining this level of service with PIM’s straightforward, robust fare collection system gives transit agencies the tools to create and implement innovative new fare strategies that take full advantage of the capabilities of PIM’s fare collection system.

As is presented throughout this proposal, PIM is one of the leaders in the contactless smart card and fare collection sectors in the Canadian transit market, providing a cost-effective manner to enhance fare collection while opening new opportunities for transit operators to improve revenue and ridership.  Unlike some other systems, PIM offers full smart card functionality, not just “smart card-like” functions.  It is also PC-based and web-based, making it far more cost effective for small and medium systems to implement and support.

The PIM fare collection solution also provides a major tool that can help transit systems implement new fare programs not possible with many other fare collection systems currently in place.  For example, the system can accommodate time of day and day of the week fares.  It uses the available functionality to provide for customer loyalty reward programs such as in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  It can be the base for “municipal cards” that can provide citizens with access to a wide range of services beyond transit.  The possibilities are endless, and PIM will be there as part of these exciting developments.

Juan Liverant

(416)-317-4258  |  jliverant@paymentinmotion.com

Juan Liverant has a vast experience managing not only transit systems implementation but its design and development as well, something that will prove beneficial for this project.

Juan is Payment in Motion’s CEO, as well its Systems Integration Manager and Systems Architect.

He has been the person in charge of the design and architectural specifications of the Automated Fare Collection systems that PIM markets. Juan has a vast experience in the Fare Collection industry, having designed and implemented multiple systems that have been implemented in various cities throughout the Americas. He was in charge of the implementation of the AFC system in the Light Rail System in Guadalajara, Mexico and the SERTEXA system in Oaxaca, Mexico, and he has been the project manager for all the systems delivered in Canada, such as the ones for Metrobus in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Brantford Transit in the City of Brantford, Ontario and Kingston Transit in Kingston, Ontario.  He was also involved in the systems delivered to Saskatoon and Regina Transit and more recently the ones for the City of Lethbridge, Alberta and Yarmouth Nova Scotia.

For over 35 years he has been involved in technology related projects within the transit market, acquiring significant experience and foundations in Automated Fare Collection systems and other related ITS designs through a range of roles and projects in Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

In 1985, he designed an advanced data collection system for the transit industry that was launched in 1990 into the market, and which is widely used today with over 20,000 units sold.

Since 1990 he has participated in several projects that included the implementation of advanced fuel management and other CAD/AVL systems.

Juan has a B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico) and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hawaii (USA)

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